“Funny, quirky, and delightfully dirty!” — Book Review: Winter Wonderland, by Heidi Cullinan


Winter Wonderland, by Heidi Cullinan
Minnesota Christmas, Book 3

Rating: ★★★★

* I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review. *

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“A ten-foot-tall snow penis towered over Paul Jansen’s front steps. Again.”

From the opening sentence, I knew this was going to be a funny, quirky, and delightfully dirty holiday romance! Winter Wonderland is the third book in the “Minnesota Christmas” series. Three bears, each searching for their Goldilocks. In the first two books, Marcus and Arthur found love in their small Minnesota town, but Paul, the youngest, is still searching. And the only other gay man for miles around seems to be Kyle Parks… tiny, swishy, and young.

Paul can’t find a gay man within a fifty-mile radius who wants more than casual sex. No one, that is, except too-young, too-twinky Kyle, who sends him suggestive texts and leaves X-rated snow sculptures on his front porch.

Kyle’s loved Paul since forever, and this Christmas, since they’re both working on the Winter Wonderland festival, he might finally get his chance for a holiday romance.

But Paul comes with baggage. When his family’s anti-LGBT crusade spills beyond managing Paul’s love life, Kyle and Paul must fight for everyone’s happily ever after, including their own.

Kyle is really the complete opposite of Paul in many ways, but they fit together like puzzle pieces. Paul is serious, dreaming of the things he doesn’t think he’ll ever get: a family who supports him, a man who loves him, a relationship that satisfies his needs. But Kyle is pretty sure– no, he’s positive— that he can be everything Paul is looking for in a boyfriend… if only Paul will see past his youthful appearance and accept that Kyle is ‘man enough’.

And just like in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, Kyle might be ‘just right’ for Paul.

After Tuesday night, part of him had dangerous fantasies about how maybe Kyle was his Goldilocks after all. (Kindle Loc. 1004)

I love Kyle. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. His cheerful attitude, his selflessness and devotion to his sister and the patients under his care, his determination to win Paul over… he’s a brilliant character, and a heck of a lot of fun to read. He’s also very good at reading people. He’s able to win over Edna Michaelson, the cranky older woman who lives next door to Paul, and he figures out what Paul wants and needs.

“There are so many things I want to do to you. Sweet things. Wicked things.” He licked at the pulse of Paul’s neck. “But I can’t do them if you run from me after.” (Kindle Loc. 1466)

The supporting characters were excellent also, including Mrs. Michaelson and Corrina Anderson! But Paul… I’m not sure. He was interesting, but I feel like I didn’t get much more from his character than we’d seen in previous books. Maybe if there had been more tension between him and his family, something to create more character development? But even that point of tension didn’t amount to much.

And the sex was wicked hot! But this is a Heidi Cullinan novel… that name is definitely synonymous with brilliant, realistic characters and burning hot bedroom scenes!!!

Heidi writes truly fantastic and fully-believable characters. Overall this was a really fun, light-hearted holiday novel! Definitely a good book to read while the snow comes down outside.

Release Date: November 10
Pre-order: Samhain Publishing / Amazon / ARe

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