Blog Tour: A Seditious Affair, by KJ Charles (Society of Gentlemen, Book 2)


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I’m incredibly excited to be kicking off the blog tour for K.J. Charles’ upcoming release, A Seditious Affair. It’s a historical romance, and the second in the Society of Gentlemen series.

In my review, I gave A Seditious Affair five out of five stars, and called it “phenomenal”, with “heart-wrenching romances, clever characters, buckets of chemistry, and a conflict that keeps your turning pages as fast as your e-reader allows you”.

I’m thrilled to be bringing you an exclusive excerpt from the novel today, as well as a fantastic giveaway! Keep reading to check it out, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy!

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A Seditious Affair, by K.J. Charles
Series: Society of Gentlemen, Book Two
Publisher: Loveswept
Release Date: December 15, 2015


Silas Mason has no illusions about himself. He’s not lovable, or even likable. He’s an overbearing idealist, a Radical bookseller and pamphleteer who lives for revolution . . . and for Wednesday nights. Every week he meets anonymously with the same man, in whom Silas has discovered the ideal meld of intellectual companionship and absolute obedience to his sexual commands. But unbeknownst to Silas, his closest friend is also his greatest enemy, with the power to see him hanged—or spare his life.  

A loyal, well-born gentleman official, Dominic Frey is torn apart by his affair with Silas. By the light of day, he cannot fathom the intoxicating lust that drives him to meet with the Radical week after week. In the bedroom, everything else falls away. Their needs match, and they are united by sympathy for each other’s deepest vulnerabilities. But when Silas’s politics earn him a death sentence, desire clashes with duty, and Dominic finds himself doing everything he can to save the man who stole his heart.




Dominic was up betimes on Wednesday, before his valet arrived, selecting the clothes that the brute liked. Good cloth, good fit, ones that spoke of his status in the world. Ones that came off without a valet’s help, because the brute wouldn’t lend a hand. He’d sit with that snarling smile of his and watch Dominic struggle with a tight coat, enjoying his discomfort . . .

Maybe he would wear a slightly better-fitted coat after all.

He wrote a note to the madam at Millay’s to ensure that the right bottle would be waiting. A Moselle tonight. The brute was learning to appreciate a good wine, even if he’d never say so.

The brute. The rough-spoken, grim-faced man, his thick fingers always chalky with dust, who swived him into oblivion with such savage care.

Dominic shut his eyes, feeling the swell of arousal. Maybe he should indulge it. He’d spend most of the day in a state of building excitement anyway, until it would be as much as he could do to hold back at the first barked order.

He let his hand skim over his hardening length. A light touch. The brute wasn’t light. He’d grip viciously, and it would hurt, and he’d demand submission. Dominic on his knees, whispering shameful things—no, crying them aloud, because the brute demanded it. No half measures. No mercy.

Except that everything he did was a mercy, a pure agonizing relief to the desires that snarled in Dominic’s gut, like pulling a thorn out of skin.

Cruel to be kind. Damn his eyes. It was true, though, and they both knew it.

Dominic flexed his fingers. They’d hurt tomorrow. Quite a lot of him would. Some Thursdays he could hardly move, and he’d often had clear finger marks on his wrists. His hands were the worst though. They cramped.

The brute insisted on that. Hands on whatever he was ordered to hold, at once imprisonment, obedience, and silent consent. They both knew what it meant, but the brute never spoke of it, never gave the slightest indication, because he understood what Dominic needed. He understood.

Heaven knew how, when his own dearest friend, the love of his life, had not.

I don’t want you to stop, Dominic had said. Even if I should say I do. And Richard had stared at him as he would some monstrous thing and said, But I love you. How could I hurt you? How could you ask me to?

He’d had broken bones that had hurt less. And one forgot the reality of pain once the bones healed. Dominic had a superb memory, and he did not forget words.

He very definitely didn’t feel like pleasuring himself now. Thoughts of that conversation always had a quelling effect. Not that it would last until the evening.

Wednesday. At last.


KJ Charles is a writer and freelance editor. She lives in London with her husband, two kids, an out-of-control garden and an increasingly murderous cat.

KJ writes mostly romance, gay and straight, frequently historical, and usually with some fantasy or horror in there. She specialises in editing romance, especially historical and fantasy, and also edits children’s fiction.

Find her on Twitter @kj_charles or on Facebook, join her Facebook group, or get the newsletter here. She is represented by Deidre Knight at The Knight Agency, and published by Samhain and Loveswept.


Advance praise for A Seditious Affair  

“This book is so good I read it in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down. K. J. Charles has long been one of my favorite authors, and this book doesn’t disappoint. A Seditious Affair is a beautiful love story interwoven with the realism of the political unrest of the time—another winner from K. J. Charles!”—USA Today bestselling author Carole Mortimer


Leave a comment on this blog post, then click on the image above for your chance to win an e-ebook copy of A Seditious Affair and a $25 gift certificate to ARe!

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You can follow the rest of the tour from K.J.’s blog. And congratulations to K.J. for winning 1st place in the Rainbow Awards for both Best Gay Book and Best Paranormal Romance, as well as placing for her other 2015 releases!


22 thoughts on “Blog Tour: A Seditious Affair, by KJ Charles (Society of Gentlemen, Book 2)

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  2. Well done, K.J, for winning in the Rainbow Awards! Much deserved! 😀
    I can’t wait for A Seditious Affair to come out – less than a week to go! I thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series so I’m really looking forward to this! Happy Release Day for next Week! 😀

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  3. Thank you for the review and this post. I will definitely be reading this one, so skipped the excerpt so the entire book will be new to me. KJ Charles never disappoints.

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