Who Wore It Better – Book Cover Edition


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When I started reading Cold Fusion by Harper Fox, I found myself staring at the book cover and wondering why it was so familiar. It only took me a minute to realize… I’d seen that model on another book cover!

You know those trashy celebrity magazines that you read in the grocery store check-out lane? I always love the “Who Wore It Better” section, where two celebs end up in the same dress or suit. So, all in good fun, here’s the book cover edition!

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion expert. Or, really, an expert in anything.


Cover Artists: Cold Fusion – Kanaxa / Fall and Rising – Kanaxa / Murder and Mayhem – Reece Notley

I’m torn here. I love the covers for both Cold Fusion and Fall & Rising (both by Kanaxa), but I think F&R wins for me. I love the blues! I really love this cover model… he’s very elegant. (Here are some different photos of the same model in other poses, for your viewing pleasure.)


Cover Artists: Cold Fusion – Kanaxa / Book Fair – Adrian Nicholas

And still with the Cold Fusion cover, I realized that I’d seen the other model before as well! But Kanaxa’s cover definitely wins this round for me.


Cover Artists: Nicolas – AngstyG / The Last Yeti – Tully Vincent

I think the cover for Nicolas wears it best for me, with the transparency and soft edges. I guess there aren’t many photos of handsome men wearing fur coats.


Cover Artists: Ghost in the Flames – Kanaxa / Falling Sky – L.C. Chase

A quick glance around the internet found this particular cover model on over a dozen more covers (also here, here, here, aaaaand here). I guess he just has a really fabulous back! I only chose these two, which were the best two that I found, but seriously guys. Maybe stop using this cover model? It’s seriously overdone. I can’t even choose a winner here.


Cover Artists: Hell on Wheels – L.C. Chase / To Love a Traitor – Kanaxa

This model is way hotter in some of his other photos (in my opinion), but I can see the appeal on these covers! (Okay I just want to run my hands through his marvelous hair!) I think Kanaxa’s cover wins this for me (again with the blues!), but I still think the pose is awkward.


Cover Artists: both by Kanaxa

This is a case of a very distinctive model being used, which I think isn’t always a good thing. I couldn’t actually find anything further for the model himself, though. It’s weird to see a cover artist use the same model over and over, but I think Trevann’s cover is better. (Okay, I’m biased. I’ll choose blue every time!)


Cover Artists: Fly Me Home – Erin Dameron-Hill / Not Safe For Work – Angela Waters

I actually really dislike this model personally, but I’ll give the LA Witt cover (by Angela Waters) credit for altering the coloring and contrast. While both covers are from the same publisher, it’s two different cover artists.


There are only a limited number of stock photo models out there, and even fewer when you narrow down by genre. Most authors and publishers can’t justify the cost of a private shoot for every book they release. So it’s not surprising to see the same model pop up again and again.

Someday I want to do a post of the ridiculous number of Men In White Wifebeaters, or a Collage Of Chest Muscles, because those covers are pretty overdone too!

Who do you think “wore” it better?

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6 thoughts on “Who Wore It Better – Book Cover Edition

    • I can’t figure out why some of them are overused as often as they are (like the guy in the tanktop)… there are a LOT of options to choose from! Unless it’s a sign that many authors just write the same characters over and over, so every hero is tall, buff, blond, and dangerous. (Oh, wait…)

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    • I have a very strong visual memory… terrible for any other sensory inputs, but I tend to remember faces really well. So it drives me crazy to see the same models and poses used again and again, especially in such a tiny sub-genre, because I remember cover details like that. *weird*

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