Book Review: The Captain’s Beloved, by Scarlett Blackwell


The Captain’s Beloved, by Scarlet Blackwell
Publisher: Pride Publishing
First Published: 2011
Revised Release Date: February 16, 2016

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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A summer fling just wasn’t enough for Kane…

blackwell-captains-beloved-coverIt’s been four months since Josh Addison fell for Kane Kessler, the captain of his vacation cruise liner. He never thought to set eyes on him again but Kane’s come all the way to Anchorage to see him.

For Kane this is a casual hookup during his downtime. He wants to prevent his heart getting involved at all costs. But Josh, hopelessly in love, has different ideas…

Reader Advisory: This book contains public sex, voyeurism, ménage and sex with food. This book is best read in sequence as a sequel to The Captain’s Man.


Gay (M/M) Erotica
Evil Ex-Boyfriend
Gentleman in the Streets/Animal in the Sheets
Public Sex (Exhibitionism/Voyeurism)


This is pretty much unrepentant erotica, with a splash of romantic plot. But it’s fun cotton-candy storytelling, and I can appreciate that! The plot was interesting, about one man who fell in love while on vacation, and another man who isn’t ready to admit that it’s more than just sex.

And wow, do they have a lot of sex. All over the place. Innocent vegetables are used in indecent ways! Couches, showers, and the walls in the back rooms of clubs are used as handy surfaces to screw against.

But one of my pet-peeves in a story is when the characters are about to make dinner, and then decide to have sex instead.


Now, I didn’t particularly like either of the characters here. They do this “will they, won’t they” back and forth, and throw temper tantrums very easily. Josh feels whiny, Kane makes me want to roll my eyes.

But it was a fun read. Nothing you have to invest seriously in. A lot of sex that was well-written, if not particularly original.


Scarlet is the author of dozens of M/M and M/F romance and erotica titles, including:

The Captain’s Man (M/M, Contemporary, Erotica)
Stand & Deliver (M/M, Menage, Historical, Erotica) (Review)

Scarlet’s Website
Twitter: @ScarletBlckwl

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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Captain’s Beloved, by Scarlett Blackwell

  1. I enjoyed these two books when the came out the first time. I was new to M/M back then so my tastes were different. Based on your review I don’t think I’m going to like them if I re-read them now. That kind of makes me sad but at the same time, reading tastes change over time. Maybe I’ll go find a different Scarlet Blackwell book to enjoy since her writing is so good.

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