Review & Exclusive Excerpt! “Out of Frame” by Megan Erickson

One of the hottest books of the year is coming next week… and I’m not just talking about the heat in the sheets! The third book in Megan Erickson’s In Focus series is out on March 15, and today I’m bringing you an advanced (spoiler-free!) review… and an exclusive excerpt from the novel!

So keep reading to check out this highly-anticipated book, and get ready to pre-order… because this is definitely the Spring Break book you’ve always wanted!


Out of Frame, by Megan Erickson
Series: In Focus, Book 3 (Stand-alone)
Publisher: Berkley NAL / InterMIX
Release Date: March 15, 2015

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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erickson-out-of-framePerpetually shy, Quinn Mathers is content to remain in the shadow of his brash best friend Jess Hartman. But before their college graduation, he and Jess have planned one last hurrah: a spring break Caribbean cruise.

And it won’t be just any cruise. On board are members of the reality show Trip League, which follows young twenty-somethings on adventures around the world. Since the show’s beginning, Quinn has been fascinated by J. R. Butler, with his amazing body, warm eyes, and killer grin. Unfortunately, he’s straight—or so the world thinks.

At nineteen, J. R. signed a contract to play straight for the show, and there’s no way to get out of it now. Yet with each passing day, Quinn and J. R. find it harder to keep their hands off each other and to keep out of the camera’s frame. But when the lens finally focuses on them, J. R. must decide if he’s willing to risk his career by admitting his bisexuality, and Quinn must determine if he’s bold enough to stand in the spotlight with the man of his dreams…


M/M Romance
Bisexual Character
Gay Character
New Adult
Spring Break


Out of Frame is a bit different from the previous books in the In Focus series. The most obvious difference is that there’s no road trip, which was a surprise when I first read the summary. But I can promise readers will still find everything that they crave in a Megan Erickson romance… especially the sweet, sexy relationship that Megan is best known for!

Quinn is a character that I can easily relate to; he’s shy and nervous, but ready to have a consequence-free week where he can just let go. What he doesn’t expect is J.R. Watching him take a leap of faith and take a chance on something unexpected was breathtaking.


The relationship is where Megan really shines. Her characters are real people, with flaws and fears. They don’t just fall into bed together (although the attraction definitely raises enough heat to warm the entire Caribbean!); there’s carefully-built trust, misunderstandings, and emotions that are so perfectly written that the you feel them just as strongly as the characters.

I would immediately point to Megan Erickson for anyone looking for a relationship- and character-driven romance where the (admittedly very steamy) sex is second to the emotions.


Thank you to the folks at Berkley NAL for providing this exclusive excerpt!

“What is it about you?” he said quietly, his head tilted down so our gazes met.

I squinted up at him. “What is it about me that makes you act nice to me one minute and then be an asshole the next?”

A small upward tilt of his lips. “We already established that I’m an asshole.”

“I know, but I wanted to remind you. I also wanted to remind you that you are nice to me sometimes.”

He smiled then, all white teeth. I couldn’t back up anymore as my shoulder blades touched the wall. Our chests brushed as he leaned down. “No, what is it about you that makes me want to say Fuck it?”

“Fuck what?”

His long lashes shuttered over his eyes, hiding those deep brown depths from me. He bent his head and I stared at the top of it, at the hair he kept shaved close to the scalp. He was standing so close to me, and just a minute before, his heated gaze had seared me. Maybe I was reading this whole situation wrong. Maybe he’d punch me in the face. But I had to try. I raised my hand and laid it gently on his head, massaging my fingers into his scalp.

His hair was soft under my palm as the skin shifted over his skull. His shoulders hitched once as he inhaled sharply. I paused my ministrations, but he didn’t move, frozen in place like a giant wax sculpture.

So I continued to move my fingers and watched the tension leach out of his shoulders as he groaned softly.

This way, I didn’t have to see his eyes, and he didn’t have to see mine. We could probably still convince ourselves this was a touch between friends. That this wasn’t . . . gay.

But then J. R. took a deep breath and lifted his head.

And when his gaze met mine, I knew there was no coming back from this.

Not when he placed his palms on the wall beside my head, not when his face drew closer, and especially not when his lips brushed mine.

“Quinn,” he whispered.


There was a beat of silence. “Fuck it.”


Megan is the author of several books in both M/F and M/M Romance. Her M/F romances include:

Her M/M romances include the first two books in the In Focus series: Trust the Focus, and Focus on Me (Review).

You can find Megan on her website at or on Twitter or Facebook.

You can pre-order Out of Focus from:

amazon amazonuk barnesnoble itunes

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I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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