Big City Reads: New York City Book Recs


Hey all! El here, and today’s post is a personal one. Because as this post goes up, I am sitting in a moving truck somewhere between Texas and NYC, on my way to my new apartment in Brooklyn!

When I realized I was definitely moving to NYC, I started craving more books set there. I reached out to my awesome team and we came up with some great queer lit set in New York.

El Recommends

michaels-faith-fidelity-paperbackFaith, Love & Devotion by Tere Michaels is a series about some of my favorite things in the M/M genre: an older couple, a soul-deep search to understand one’s sexuality, and a look at how an unexpected relationship affects not just the men involved, but their families, friends, and careers. The reader sees NYC through the eyes of police, civilians, tourists, and theater professionals!

aptaker-criminal-goldMy favorite lesbian novels set in New York are Ann Aptaker’s Cantor Gold series. There are two out now, and a third out in 2017 I believe. Set in 1950s, it has a Dapper Dyke, a mystery that will keep you captivated, and a heroine who is tough as nails and sexy as hell. And Ann’s clearly done her research, showing us a historical New York that really shines with fascinating details.

Mel Recommends

sullivan-blue-talk-loveBlue Talk and Love, by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan: Set in various enclaves of New York City— including the middle-class Hamilton Heights section of Harlem, the black queer social world of the West Village, the Spanish-speaking borderland between Harlem and Washington Heights, and historic Tin Pan Alley— the collection uses magic realism, historical fiction, satire and more to highlight young black women’s inner lives.

vanda-julianaJuliana by Vanda, set in NY in the 1940s. It’s lesbian fiction about a young woman who moves into the city from Long Island seeking Broadway fame, only to find a new world to explore.

allen-whistling-darkNew York City, 1919 is the setting for Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen. A novel about music, healing, and two men from very different worlds.

Rafa Recommends

gasq-dion-betting-man-manhattanThe Men of Manhattan series by Sandrine-Gasq-Dion is a fun, sexy and oftentimes hilarious dries that also double as a great summer read! A series of novellas (there are currently five out) set in NYC, following men from different backgrounds as they find love in the big city!

hayes-kind-of-truthA Kind of Story series by Lane Hayes. There are currently two books in this outstanding series (read Rafa’s review of A Kind of Romance (Book Two) here!) and they both use the vivid New York City-scape to full advantage. Highly recommended.

Do you have a favorite book set in New York? Are you a big city person, or a fan of small towns? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Big City Reads: New York City Book Recs

  1. I’ve had the Faith and Fidelity series on my TBR list FOREVER! I so need to read that.
    As for NYC books there are a few that I’ve read that were really good. Black Dust by Lynn Charles, though only half really is in NYC because it’s a long distance relationship.
    Whistle Blower by Dev Bentham was another good NYC one, but again long distance relationship so parts of it are elsewhere.

    Seems I have a thing for NYC long distance relationship books. 😀


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