Asexuality Awareness Week 2016: Introduction


From October 23 to 29, we celebrate Asexuality Awareness Week, dedicated to raising knowledge and awareness of the asexuality spectrum! As followers of Just Love will know, I am an ace reader, writer, and blogger, and devote a lot of time to promoting asexuality, so I’m excited to be bringing some awesome posts to JL this week!


To start AAW, I want to introduce readers to a few resources and websites, and open the comments section to any questions that you may have.

The Asexual Awareness Week website: this site features resources, Asexuality 101, and some excellent discussion topics that you should check out!

Fuck Yeah Asexual on Twitter: a social media account, tweeting awareness, Q&As, and a book club! Don’t forget to check out their Tumblr, too!

The Asexuality Blog on Tumblr: be sure to check out their FAQ, merch section, and the excellent posts by asexual folks talking about their experiences.

The Asexuality Archive: with a glossary and blog posts, this resource site is full of fantastic information for ace and allo folks alike!

Asexuality Outreach: this group sends educational materials to schools and queer organizations to support ace and aro communities.

Asexuality Awareness by Erica Cameron: this awesome ace author features a quick run-down of asexuality, plus a ton of awesome links!

I’ve also written a few posts, including an interview with several asexual folks across the spectrum.




So if you have any questions about asexuality, please ask away! And other ace folks, please feel free to answer any questions you may see. I am NOT (let me emphasize this again: NOT NOT NOT) an authority on asexuality. I am ace, but I can only speak for my own asexual experience. In this community, every experience is different!

And come back throughout the week for interviews and blog posts with ace folks!

One thought on “Asexuality Awareness Week 2016: Introduction

  1. So while I may be Johnny come lately here, but I adore how you’re a champion for ace fiction, specifically ace romance. I love how you’re vocal about who you are and what you want to see in ace romance. Please keep this up. I may not be as vocal about being ace but I will gladly take an increase in representation in the books I read.


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