Advanced Review by Mel: Maze-Born Trouble, by Ginn Hale

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maze born trouble ginn hale

Maze-Born Trouble, by Ginn Hale
Publisher: Blind Eye Books
Release Date: November 15, 2016

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


A dead girl, a cop he can’t forget, and a price on his head. All on a space station at the edge of a black hole.

Just another day’s work for P.I. Lake Harmaa.

P.I. Lake Harmaa escaped the darkness and intense gravity of Sisu Space Station’s Maze Sector by turning traitor and spying for the Feds during the war.

He has no intention of risking his neck by going back down into those depths, where there’s a price on his head and more than a few souls who wouldn’t mind him turning up dead.

But when he’s framed for a brutal murder, Lake realizes he must return to the Maze and settle old scores.


M/M Pairing
Gay Characters
Science Fiction
Friends to Lovers
Second Chances

Content Warnings for:
Recording of Rape (Child)
Mention of Body Mutilation
Mention of Child Abuse
Mention of Domestic Abuse
Giant Insects


Maze-Born Trouble both compels and overwhelms with its amazing and fascinating world building. It is very unique and has some wonderful ideas. Or maybe I should rather say, all the ideas are wonderful. Seriously, it’s a delight to see how this world in space functions and which kind of people and beings live there. I really hope that there will be many more books in the same universe. It’s so complex and well-thought out, I think there would be lots of possibilities. But I also said it is overwhelming and I think a longer story would have made the reading experience less exhausting. Well, maybe I was just tired (I was!), so I had to take two breaks from this book (which I usually never have to do, and I don’t like it!), because I just couldn’t process everything I was reading and ended up missing too much. So more pages and time to discover everything would have been really nice.

Another very important factor, apart from the world building, plays the protagonist Lake, whom I kinda really adore. I think he’s very likeable and an interesting character with much depth and history to him. The relationship to his friend and later lover is beautifully tender and made me all tingly and happy. I enjoyed this part of the book very much, although I want to mention that it’s not the center of the story.

The case and murder investigation… Hm. I have to say I’m not quite sure about it. Or better about the resolution, I think. Like, it’s kinda nothing to shout out about, nothing really new. But it’s also not entirely a let-down or anything. But compared to the unique setting it lacks invention.

I’ve listed quite some content warnings and want to add that, yes, all of this is in the book, but it’s not overly descriptive or anything.

To sum this up, I think the world building is wowing, if a bit too dense for a novella, the characters are really great, as is their romance, and the case is quite good but no novelty. Fans of Ginn Hale should definitely check out her excursion into space and I really wish there will be follow-up stories. I would not mind spending more time with Lake at all!


ginn-haleGinn Hale resides in the Pacific Northwest with her lovely wife and wayward cats. She is an award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy, as well as an avid coffee-drinker.


You can purchase Maze-Born Trouble from:

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2 thoughts on “Advanced Review by Mel: Maze-Born Trouble, by Ginn Hale

  1. No, it didn’t have that feeling. It is just really dense, like you have not enough time to absorb everything and let it breathe. The world building and setting on it’s own is really cool, I just wish the experience would have been better.

    I’ve seen another reviewer who had the same complaint as I, but there are also many 5 star reviews, so I’d give it a try, actually. Maybe read it if you are not on commute or tired or something similar distracting 😉


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