Book Review by Gillian: Lunchtime Nibbles, by Claire Davis and Al Stewart


Lunchtime Nibbles, by Claire Davis and Al Stewart
Published By: Beaten Track Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Lunchtime Nibbles
Volume One

Two short, fiery stories with enough spice to satisfy the biggest carnal appetites.

* * * * *

Cheese and Pickle

Harvey and Greg work in the same office. Of course Harvey noticed Greg—who wouldn’t notice the beardie hottie with muscles aplenty to silence even the noisiest team meeting? Then a home visit turns into a car-rocking tryst of spectacular proportions, and suddenly Tuesday lunchtimes become the highlight of Harvey’s week.

But will a quickie with the recalcitrant Greg be enough, or will something more meaningful develop?

* * * * *

The Detonator

Featuring Tork and Adam from The Invasion of Tork series

Adam is a sex god. At least, that’s what he tells himself.

Tork is a green-haired mind-reader.

They haven’t been together for long, but when Adam realises Tork’s birthday is coming up, he knows he has to make this the best birthday ever. But what to buy someone like Tork? And how much to spend?

Every time Tork calls, Adam’s knees turn to jelly, and he’s not so much a sex god as a whimpering idiot.

Can Adam take control and make the birthday dinner perfect?

What happens when the kitchen sparks end up in the bedroom with Tork and Adam naked?

Cameo appearance by Dickens the cat.


M/M Pairing
Short Story
New Adult (The Detonator)
Workplace Romance (Cheese and Pickle)
College (The Detonator)


Claire Davis and Al Stewart are brilliant at short story romances and Lunchtime Nibbles is no exception. Featuring two charming and sexy stories, Cheese and Pickle and The Detonator, the authors have once again proven that great characters and interesting storylines need not be limited to lengthy tomes.

Cheese and Pickle: Can I just start by saying, *this* is how you write a very short story that feels bigger and more detailed than it actually is. The pacing, the style, the characters – it’s near perfect and only improves upon re-reading.

The office romance is probably my favourite trope, so this one had me at ‘co-workers’. When eyeing up his team leader leads to trading handjobs and sandwiches, shy but eager Harvey is keen to take things further with big, beautiful (but equally shy) Greg. Unfortunately, neither of them seem capable of saying the words out loud. It’s going to take something dramatic to break their reserves, maybe even something life or death.

Cheese and Pickle packs a punch for a little story and all credit to the authors for being able to do this without bogging it down in unnecessary details. I thought it was sexy and supremely romantic.

The Detonator: If you have not read the authors’ Tork and Adam series, stop now and go get it. There are two amazing books that feature the most unlikely boys falling in love. This story was written as a gift to fans of the series who wanted to see a little more heat between our two favourite characters. Let’s just say they delivered on that quite nicely.

This story revolves around clueless Adam trying to find the perfect birthday gift for his green-haired boyfriend, Tork. While his usual over-confident, arrogant attitude insists on throwing away money on expensive gifts and ridiculous decorations, he starts to second-guess his choices. Will his formerly homeless boyfriend think it’s a waste to throw good money away on frivolous things? If so, what could he possibly give him that would make Tork happy?

Watching Adam struggle to figure out what will please Tork is both funny and delightfully sweet. He always tries to come across as being unsympathetic and too cool to care about anyone else, but then these moments arise where you see how much he actually cares about Tork and how much he craves Torks good opinion.

As for the heat factor, it’s pretty smokin’ hot. These two have chemistry galore but they also give each other the safety of being themselves, of being loved and cherished no matter what. And really, what store bought present could ever match that gift?


Claire Davis:

I live in the beautiful UK and grew up in the Midlands. Just a very ordinary person.

Al Stewart:

I am originally from an enormous housing estate in the south of England.
Early influences include male ballet dancers or anyone in tights, Robin Hood, and all my sister’s boyfriends.
I’ve written poetry from a young age but fairly recently moved on to books about ordinary people.
I’m crippling awful at talking about myself but I can draw a horse.

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