Book Review by Nicole: Sparkwood, by Daria Defore

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Sparkwood, by Daria Defore
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Release Date: February 15, 2017

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Finn has never trusted faeries, so it’s no surprise to him when his twin brother turns up dead, probably by magical means. What he doesn’t expect is an invitation to the funeral—in the faery realm—and a chance to find out who killed him.

Investigating Luke’s death is probably the stupidest thing Finn has ever done, and soon he’s up to his neck in faery trouble. In the midst of it all is Robin, the faery who’s supposed to be watching out for him—but who just might have had something to do with Luke’s death.


M/M Pairing
Gay Character
Bisexual Character
Enemies to Lovers


Due to my interest in fairies, picking this one up was a no-brainer. The main character has a brother who was killed in fairy and, despite having no detective experience, embarks on a mission to find his brother’s killer.

And in so doing, almost commits himself to 14 years of servitude to a fairy who had an indirect hand in his brother’s death.

So it went very well, then.

The plot of this book was solid. The only part that let it down, for me, was that I didn’t really get the romance between Finn and Robin. This was despite the fact that I loved Finn kissing Robin for the first time to distract him from the fact that they were being thieves. Because it works so well in the movies!! Brilliant.

For this to be a perfect book to me, I would have just liked a bit more fleshing out of the two mains– to have a lot more on-page unresolved sexual tension before they started having actual feelings for one another. And then it would have been a much longer book. And, actually, I think I would have been quite okay with that.


Daria Defore is a writer by night, and a video producer by day. She’s been writing ever since she was a kid, and vividly remembers that her first story was about visiting Santa Claus and getting a pet dinosaur. Now she writes filthy romance instead.

Daria is a Washington transplant living in New York City. She has a tendency to set stories in her beautiful home state. She loves reading, cups of coffee in multiples of ten, and being bullied to write more.

Twitter: @dariadefore

You can purchase Sparkwood from:

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