Book Review by Nicole: Her Ebony, by Maggie Chase

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Her Ebony, by Maggie Chase
Series: Jewelled Ladies #3
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: January 17, 2017

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


Prickly and difficult, spinster schoolmarm Minerva Krenshaw hides behind her shabby dresses and sad bonnet. She’s used to being invisible—until Miss Ebony White catches her eye.

Abigail Whithall escaped an abusive apprenticeship and is saving all her money from working at the Jeweled Ladies for her own dress shop. But more than the latest styles, she needs respectability—and to learn how to read. She offers to sew new clothes for the most respectable Minerva in exchange for reading lessons. But their lessons go far beyond letters. Will Minerva give in to the passion Ebony promises—or will she go back on her word?


F/F Pairing
Lesbian Characters
Historical Romance

Warnings For:
References to past slave trade and abuse


There was nothing specifically *wrong* with this book, or its writing, or the editing. There was just nothing right about it either. Nothing new.

It was a historical romance set in the same fictional town as Their Emerald, in Brimstone just after slave trade had become illegal. That’s particularly relevant in this addition to the series, as one of its main characters, Abigail Whithall, is an ex-slave.

The second main character, and love interest, Miss Minerva Krenshaw, appears first in Their Emerald while sniffing down her nose at Emmy. I thought this was a really interesting idea, having a character like that fall for someone like Abigail; but, sadly, the character progression just wasn’t good enough to be believable.

While I loved Abigail, Minerva’s personal plotline went too much from stern, disapproving school marm, to person in love with another woman, and back to the appearance of disapproving school marm, before finishing at regret and apology. The problem with this, for me, was that not enough of the character’s thoughts and self-warring was explored. We only saw most of this on the surface. Each time her character and actions changed, it was jarring.

Added to that, there was a section of the story in the middle of the book that was quite slow, despite the really sweet sex scenes between the ladies.


Who is Maggie Chase? Writer, reader, crafter—Maggie has told a lot of different stories a lot of different ways, but the Jeweled Ladies series marks her first foray into historical western erotica. Maggie passionately believe that every single person deserves their own happily-ever-after and her stories reflect that hope on the page. Sign up for her new-release newsletter at to get the latest on her sexy cowboys, Jeweled Ladies and tough lawmen!

You can purchase Her Ebony from:

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I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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