Advanced Review by Pixie: Love and Other Hot Beverages, by Laurie Loft (DNF)

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Love & Other Hot Beverages

Love and Other Hot Beverages, by Laurie Loft
Publisher: Ripetide Publishing
Release Date: July 3, 2017

Rating: DNF @ 33%


After a rough breakup, Todd Addison wants time alone to grieve. While still dreaming of winning back his ex’s love, he moves across the country and finds work with a construction company. The last thing he needs is the cute office boy developing a crush on him, especially since he’s back in the closet.

Sebastián Nye can’t help feeling sorry for the obviously brokenhearted Todd. Though rebuffed repeatedly, Sebby chisels away at Todd’s resistance, determined to help him forget—a task potentially beyond anyone’s capabilities. He never meant to fall for the poor guy, but he does. Hard.

Desperate to hold on to Todd, Sebby hatches a sneaky plot guaranteed to end Todd’s heartbreak—if Todd doesn’t bail and ruin everything. Just when things can’t get more complicated, Todd’s ex wants him back. And Sebby’s abusive ex is just waiting to catch Sebby alone. Todd and Sebby must decide what’s worth fighting for, what’s worth sacrifice, and what’s worth compromise, or their relationship will begin and end with a broken heart.


M/M Pairing
Gay Characters
Contemporary Romance

Content Warning for:
Emotional Abuse
Explicit Violence

Please note: the publisher’s site contains additional warnings not included here, as the reviewer did not come across them prior to DNF’ing.

Hahahaha. I DNF’d this trash fire at 33%. Why, you ask? Well just look at the tags. Riptides tags included “emotional abuse” and “explicit violence”. I added the homophobia after cross referencing my thoughts and experience with several other reviews. I have NEVER been so offended in the first 33% of a book as I was with this one. AND IT TAKES A LOT TO OFFEND ME.

Where should I begin? First off, the author wrote a really offensive character in Sebby. He’s Hispanic, and how she chose to write him, how she chose for him to speak and go about things was… odd at best… a poor representation of a Latino at worst. In addition, I couldn’t figure out if he was going to be intentionally manipulative, but the progression of his and Todd’s relationship bordered on emotional abuse where I stopped.

Next, this book is not properly tagged. It appears from the little I read and the other reviews I looked into that the book is supposed to progress into a swinger or open relationship for the two main MCs. I find this laughable because from what I read, Todd repeatedly let Sebby know he was a monogamous ‘one man’ type of guy. Sebby went on to try to set up situations where Todd would sleep with his friends, but without telling him. At the point I stopped, it seemed as if Sebby was going to request that Todd prove his love by getting him to sleep with a couple of his friends. Um… wtf. Todd, when I stopped the book, had taken a time out to evaluate his feelings and try to decide if it was something he could do, if it pleased Sebby.

A few other things that bothered me: in one part of the book, Todd’s brother (who he lives with) decides it’s best if Todd doesn’t take the brother’s kids out anymore unless he’s alone. According to the brother, Todd’s gayness opens the kids up to situations and possible violence from others if Todd and Sebby take them out together. Granted this conversation happens after an incident that included people accusing Todd and Sebby of being pedophiles in front of the kids because they were gay. Todd didn’t handle it well, and there is mention of Sebby losing a friend to a gay bashing in the past.

All I can say about this book is read at your own risk.


Laurie Loft lives in Iowa, endeavoring to write stories to give you that rush. Her husband, cat, and dogs kindly tolerate this odd activity. Her first M/M novel came about because of a minor character in a straight romance who just took over and demanded his own book. Laurie enjoys NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and other forms of writerly torture. She finds inspiration in her NaNo friends and her fellow Riptide authors. When not writing or working at her mysterious day job, she can often be found screaming at tangled cross stitch threads.




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I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

3 thoughts on “Advanced Review by Pixie: Love and Other Hot Beverages, by Laurie Loft (DNF)

  1. Yikes! I’d seen the blurb and, although the author is totes new to me, I figured it’d be a worthy novel to check out. But now I’m all “nah, thanks, I’m good.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If you finish the book you’d find it picks up speed at the halfway point and both issues you list are resolved differently than you expect. Team Sebby!


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