Review by DMac: The Valentine’s Day Resolution by Ava Hayden

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The Valentine’s Day Resolution by Ava Hayden
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: August 2, 2017

Rating: 5out of 5 stars


Huxley carries invisible scars from a near-fatal car accident. He sleepwalks through a job at his father’s company, marking time until he can quit and pursue his own dreams.

Everything changes the moment he makes eye contact with a stranger while riding to work. It’s as if he’s been shaken out of his stupor, and Huxley vows to find the man.

Thanks to a thieving ex-lover, Paul’s florist shop is on the brink of closing down. He needs to milk Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth—and the irony that a day dedicated to love might help undo the damage of a failed relationship is not lost on him.

When Huxley finds Paul at his shop, both men feel an instant attraction. Before long, they’re falling hard, but Huxley holds back. If Paul knew all the baggage he’s carrying, he might run.

Paul’s gut tells him Huxley is hiding something. Huxley looks like a keeper, but Paul can’t go through another disastrous romance.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, will they have anything to celebrate?


M/M Pairing
Gay Characters

Content Warning for:
Homophobic Minor Character

Never underestimate a book that looks more fluffy than angsty. Angst does not necessarily mean a book is written well, and something that looks super sweet does not mean it is a brainless, poorly written mess. The simpler the book, the better the writing needs to be for it to stand out.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… I really really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a bit odd that there was a Valentine’s Day type book coming out in August, but the V-Day aspect of it was not what you’d think given the title. It was actually done very smartly. The ol’ bait-and-switch, but not in a bad way.

The end game with this book is Valentine’s Day, but it’s more about how Paul and Huxley are dealing with their own personal demons. This sounds more dramatic than it was. If you like more angst/drama in your books you might not like this as much as I did. I enjoyed that it had its angsty moments, but it was more about the MCs getting over it than dwelling on it. Also they really just enjoyed each other in the book instead of there being a lot of conflicts.

There was good character development in this book, but I feel like there was more for Huxley than there was for Paul. We get to meet Huxley in the middle of his transition after the car accident, so he’s getting more confident and changing more in the book. Huxley was a pretty nervous guy about work and his car accident, but I liked that he had the confidence to ask Paul out. This was a nice change from the super confident one pursuing the timid one (something I do enjoy, but changing things up can be fun!). It turns out that asking Paul out was the catalyst Huxley needed to start making bigger changes in his life, to really heal from the accident.

There were quite a few secondary characters in this book, but they were really great additions to the story. They really helped the plot develop and aided in both Paul’s and Huxley’s personal growth, so they added a lot more depth to the book than I think there would have been without them. Even Huxley’s coworkers turned into a really cool addition to the plot. There is a “minor” incident or two involving homophobia, so if that really bothers you then you might be able to skip those sections because it is kind of obvious who is doing it.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. The writing was really good, the pacing was on point, I liked the characters, and even though it was more of a lighthearted type of book it had a depth that made it a really good read.

Ava Hayden lives and writes in Alberta, Canada. When not writing, she loves reading yaoi manga and gay romance, baking, seeing plays, hearing live music, and hiking (even though she once came face to face with two grizzlies on a trail). Most of the time her life isn’t that exciting, and that’s fine by her.

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I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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