Release Day Review by Rita: Welcome to Crash, by Lina Langley

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Welcome to Crash, by Lina Langley

Welcome to Crash, by Lina Langley
Publisher: DSP Publications
Release Date: September 12, 2017

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


At first, Damien feels lucky to land a job at an influential art studio, but it soon becomes obvious that something’s not right. His gorgeous boss, John, is interested, and he’d be the perfect man for Damien—if Damien wasn’t already in a relationship. It isn’t long before Damien is at the center of a love triangle, forced to choose between hot, punk John and his secret affair with his professor, Levi. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because something impossible is happening to Damien—and it’s having a drastic effect on his health as well as his perception of reality.

Each time Damien goes to work, things grow more bizarre, starting with Sam—an artist who has been dead for years and now somehow… isn’t. Damien’s unusual circumstances also free him from the restrictions of monogamy—or so he thinks. Levi, who cannot believe Damien’s claims, fears for his sanity. John also has strong doubts when Damien reveals knowledge of a catastrophic event looming in John’s future. Whether the men he loves believe his wild claims or not, neither can deny Damien is languishing, and if they cannot save him, he’ll be lost. More importantly, they must convince Damien to save himself.

Cover Artist: Anna Sikorska


M/M Pairing
Gay & Bisexual Characters
Science Fiction
New Adult
Love Triangle
Neurological Disorder

Content Warning for:
Drug Use

Book Review by Rita

Well this was a pleasant surprise. I was intrigued when I first read the blurb but I didn’t know what to expect since Langley is a new-to-me author. I really liked the premise of this novel and I’m in love with that cover. I found it to be unique and fresh but…not a romance. The romantic in me kept looking for signs of who protagonist Damien was going to choose but this book isn’t really about that.

Damien is a young man who doesn’t quite know what he wants from life yet. What he does know is that he wants his steady hookup, Levi, to commit to a relationship and that getting a job at Crash, a prestigious art studio, is a pretty big deal, but accepting the job turns his whole world on it’s side.

Levi is Damien’s professor and the way they interact made me think that I was meant to see that they weren’t a good fit. Then Damien meets his new boss John and the chemistry was palpable. Whenever Damien would go home from work I would count the minutes until he went back. That said, I think this book is paced at a pretty steady clip so there was never a moment where I was bored. I wouldn’t classify it as a mystery but Langely’s storytelling is so engaging that, between the events that were unfolding, and the intense connection between Damien and John, I just couldn’t put it down.

Since Damien can’t seem to make up his mind I’ll warn you now that there is cheating, if that’s a big NO for you in your books. It’s something that I was able to overlook at first but when he continues down his destructive path I started to become both worried and frustrated with him. I do think that Langley does a good job of getting inside the mind of a twenty-year-old. He really reads as someone who thinks they have it all figured out when that truly isn’t the case. So aside from my frustrations, I just had to know how this would all end…

Up to about 95% I was absolutely loving this story but then the epilogue happened and I wasn’t a happy camper. I don’t want to spoil it for you but let’s just say that I always like there to be a message in my books, something the MC learns – especially when they’re so young, but instead I got the feeling that Damien hasn’t learned much. I didn’t feel confident that he would change his ways so it bothered me to leave him. I wanted more. I wanted to know that he was going to be okay. Alas, these are the lessons we learn in life. Damien only ages a few weeks throughout the book so it kind of makes sense that even after the ordeal he’s been through, he still has a lot of growing up to do.

All in all, I really liked this book to the point that I would buy the paperback to display on my shelf and read again. I definitely recommend it.


Lina LangleyLina Langley is a first-generation immigrant. She currently lives in sunny Florida and spends her time slashing hot strangers while getting coffee.

Her past is haunted by spies, thieves, tyrants, and murderers. A resident of the world, she’s lived on three different continents. She first saw a radiator when she was twenty-two years old, and one time she followed a cat instead of going to a house party.

She likes to read, watch TV, and play video games when she’s not developing them. The rest of her free time is spent recreating her own characters in The Sims and hoping that people don’t look at the back end of her games.

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I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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