Top of the Stack: November 2017

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Welcome back to Top of the Stack!

Looking forward to the next book month? You’ve come to the right place then! Here are the top titles that we’re most excited about in November. So work on enhancing the to-read piles and enjoy…

Please note this book was chosen prior to the revelation of author’s identity and actions. Please read this statement from Riptide Publishing for more information. 

citiwide santino hassellCitywide, by Santino Hassell
Series: Five Boroughs, #6 (Standalone)
Release Day: November 13, 2017

Rafa: “I’m really looking forward to Santino Hassell’s Citywide. His Five Boroughs universe is chock-full of so many fascinating (not to mention straight up badass) side characters that I’m excited he’s giving them each their own short story. I’m particularly excited about Chris, Jace and Aiden’s story, as well as Tonya and Mere’s.”

Kristie: “Ditto on this to the power of infinity.”

Anthology can be read as a standalone

A record-breaking heatwave engulfs the Five Boroughs, and emotions run as hot as the temperatures.

In Rerouted, Chris Mendez is trying to live a drama-free life. That doesn’t include another threesome with Jace and Aiden Fairbairn. But then a citywide blackout leaves them trapped together, and Chris is forced to re-examine everything he thought he knew about relationships and his own heart.

In Gridlocked, former Marine Tonya Maldonado is keeping real estate heiress Meredith Stone on permanent ignore. Mere isn’t Tonya’s type. Not even close. Who cares if she kisses like a dream and has the filthiest mouth this side of the East River? But then a security detail at a summer party ends with her saving Mere’s life and discovering they have more chemistry than she’d ever imagined.

In Derailed, Stephanie Quinones escapes the heat and her complicated love life by going on a company retreat. Trouble is, it’s a couples’ retreat, and she lied about having a boyfriend. Unfortunately, the only person willing to play pretend is her on-again/off-again fling, Angel León. They’re currently “off again,” but after a week in the woods, Stephanie realizes she wouldn’t mind them being permanently on.

Top of the Stack

fence c s pacatFence, by C.S. Pacat (author), Johanna the Mad (artist)
Series: Fence, #1
Release Day: November 15, 2017

Kristie: “I’m really looking forward to Fence, BY C.S. Pacat. Not only do I love her writing, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE comic books. The day this was announced, I emailed my local comic book shop and asked them to add this to my monthly pulls. I can’t wait to see how Pacat’s style translates to comic book form each month. Not only that, but the addition of Johanna The Mad’s fantastic art to all of her words, well… to say I’m excited for this would be an understatement.”

Rafa: “ALL OF THIS! I adore what I’ve seen from the illustrator, Johanna the Mad’s work and I can’t wait to see what new ways she and Pacat come up with to slay us.”

DMac: +1

“Fence” follows the rise of 16-year-old outsider Nicholas in the world of competitive fencing at an elite boys school. “It’s all about the world of fencing,” said Pacat. “The elegance, the danger, the high stakes of what’s essentially a combat sport.”

Top of the Stack

extraction b r sandersExtraction, by B.R. Sanders
Series: Extraction, #1 (Aerdhverse)
Release Day: November 21, 2017

Mel: This new series in the Aerdhverse by one of my favourite queer speculative authors sounds like a blast. An elvish rebellion, a kick-ass female lead… I can’t wait for it!

“There is no justice in convenience.”

Rethnali, a newly-minted captain in the long-standing and brutal elvish rebellion, wants to do more than keep her soldiers alive. She wants to turn the tide of the war for her people. When her old captain and mentor, Li, shows up at her camp with orders to go deep into enemy territory, she may have the opportunity to do just that.

But as Rethnali’s mission unfolds, she realizes that she is just a pawn in a larger game. While she tries to protect her soldiers, she forced to decide the course of her future and the future of the elvish rebellion itself. EXTRACTION is a story of lives shaped by hard choices and unforseen consequences.

Top of the Stack

The Remaking of Corbin Wales Roan ParrishThe Remaking of Corbin Wale, by Roan Parrish
Release Day: November 27, 2017

Gillian: “This month, I think I’m most looking forward to Roan Parrish’s The Remaking of Corbin Wale. I love food and food-based romances, and since this takes place in a bakery, I am fully expecting to be entertained as much by the descriptions of delicious baked goods as I am by the story. I will probably gain 5 lbs just by reading this book and I am totally okay with that

Last month, Alex Barrow’s whole life imploded—partner, home, job, all gone in forty-eight hours. But sometimes when everything falls apart, better things appear almost like magic. Now, he’s back in his Michigan hometown, finally opening the bakery he’s always dreamed of. But the pleasure of opening day is nothing compared to the lonely and beautiful man who bewitches Alex before he even orders.

Corbin Wale is a weirdo. At least, that’s what he’s heard his whole life. He knows he’s often in a fantasy world, but the things he feels are very real. And so is the reason why he can never, ever be with Alex Barrow. Even if Alex is everything he’s always fantasized about. Even if maybe, just maybe, Corbin is Alex’s fantasy too.

When Corbin begins working at the bakery, he and Alex can’t deny their connection any longer. As the holiday season works its magic, Alex yearns for the man who seems out of reach. But to be with Alex, Corbin will have to challenge every truth he’s ever known. If his holiday risk pays off, two men from different worlds will get the love they’ve always longed for.

Top of the Stack

Honorable Mentions

Romancing the Werewolf (Supernatural Society #2), by Gail Carriger, November 7
Wheels Up (Out of Uniform #4), by Annabeth Albert, November 7
Tequila Sunrise (Agents Irish and Whiskey #4), by Layla Reyne, November 13

Top of the Stack

Now it’s your turn:

What are you excited to read in November?

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One thought on “Top of the Stack: November 2017

  1. CITYWIDE!!!!!!!! OMG. I haven’t been this obsessed with a new release in awhile. I’ve re-read 3rd Rail like three times already.

    I’m meh about Wheels Up although I’ve read the rest of the series. I didn’t love the premise or the blurb and I’ve read a couple negative reviews that seemed to confirm my reservations. So we’ll see.

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