New Year’s Musings Here on Just Love

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Have any New Year plans or goals? Or on the contrary, have the resolution to have no arbitrary changes, just to throw them overboard and feel like a failure a week later, again?

See how some of us at Just Love deal with this dilemma and what we have to share with you regarding our future. Enjoy!


I think I’ve been here or there on the goal-or-no-goal spectrum every year since I can remember and have now settled at the just-go-with-the-flow stage. If I happen to have a goal or an idea for next year, that’s fine, and if not, well, so what!

This time, I do actually have something to talk about regarding reading and blogging and what better place to say it than here where I do both…

You may have noticed (haha, probably not) that I have been very quiet here on Just Love. My last review was in November and there weren’t that many before as well. I have been reviewing more or less every single book I’ve read for some years now, and it is the way of things that, at some point, we need change, something else, to not do as we have been doing for quite some time because it is no longer as rewarding as it used to be, and I hit that point last fall; or rather the point of no return because it had been coming for a time.

Every single book I picked up for review – whether it was an advanced reader’s copy (ARC) or a book I’ve bought, even by a favourite author – I just could not even read it. One page in, a few pages in, and I wanted to throw it away, or throw up, or something. You could say it was (still is?) a complete read-and-review-on-demand block.

So I obviously stopped requesting ARCs and I stopped looking for books that I wanted to review, ARC or not. I used to pick my books in order to review them. Too long? — No! No queer characters or themes? — No! That just wouldn’t do.

But oh how freeing this step of changing this was! Liberating! Reading just for the fun of it, oh my, I had forgotten how that was. Just writing this down here, makes me happy and light again.

So, my number one New Year goal is to keep this up, to read just for fun. But since I realised that I do like to still review sometimes, I want to review occasionally when it so happens, and if not, then not.

My other goal is to blog more about queer related stuff that is not necessarily about books. Since I focus on Chinese queer and gender studies at university, there will be more of this here on the blog, too. You can look forward to Chinese literature and art critique and the one or other background information on homosexuality in China in general. And whatever else I stumble upon, be it movies or fashion or social issues, I am looking forward to sharing all this with you.


For 2018, I want to read more balanced. I’m getting burned out from too much M/M, not enough M/F or F/F, any combination of sexualities and genders, and not enough new author blood. I have goals to expand my reading and I’m going to do that by exploring, talking with my fellow bloggers, and having an open mind. Last year I did read a few new authors thanks to recommendations from friends and authors pimping other authors, and it turned out really great! So I’m looking forward to more of that because thinking about this has given me a new perspective, encouraged me to get reading, and having fun while doing it. Happy Reading!


Ah, the New Year. Part celebration, part hiding inside because I live where the air hurts my face. I’ve always been happy to make it another year on this earth, but I’m torn about the whole “New Year, New Me” thing…sort of. I actually wrote out a list of goals/resolutions/what have you on my new blog, and they all have one common theme – taking care of myself. This means physically, mentally, emotionally, and everywhere in between…including what I do for fun.

I wrote book reviews for the first time ever in 2017. It’s something I’ve secretly wanted to do for a while; reading books and writing about them seemed like the coolest thing. And it has been!…mostly. While I have loved the mental challenge and the friendships I’ve made in the book reviewing community, at times it’s felt more like homework or classwork than fun. If that makes sense. Especially with books that are tough to get through, though I know I’m not going to like every book I read.

SO I have some book/reading-related resolutions as well. While I will still be a part of the Just Love team (as long as El and Mel will still have me!) [NOTE OF THE EDITOR: Of course, duh!] , I want to expand my writing. I want to write about queer media of all kinds in addition to books, with a focus on F/F works. When appropriate, I’ll also provide my thoughts on current events and other happenings as a queer Latina woman of color.

That being said, I will still write book reviews as I can. However, I want to primarily read for fun this year. I also want to focus on reading physical books instead of an e-book of some kind. I can’t be the only one who wants to limit their screen time this year…

(…and has failed miserably in every attempt…)

So, do you have any goals that you’d like to share with us? We always love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s Musings Here on Just Love

  1. Interesting to hear what reviewing a book can feel like. Since I have a pile of books I want to read yet can’t bring myself to it made me feel better. I’m not a new years resolution kind of girl but I am trying to push myself to write my story into book. I look forward to reading your new content.

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    • Thank you for commenting and looking forward to our new content. We’re quite excited ourselves.
      Good luck with writing and don’t pressure yourself – it takes the fun out of everything 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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