MLB Pride Games 2018

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Happy Opening Weekend, baseball fans!

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the biggest sports in the United States, and has taken great strides in recent years towards inclusivity. In 2018, most (if not all) of the MLB teams will host a Pride event at one of their regular season games.

Maybe you’re a die-hard fan of baseball. Maybe you’re just looking for a nice way to spend a summer evening. Or maybe you’re just looking to get some cool rainbow merch with your local sports team on it. Whatever your reasons, we’re here to tell you all about the MLB Pride Games in 2018!

(Please Note: In order to get any exclusive Pride Game item(s), attendees MUST purchase a ticket via a special event code/link! Wherever possible, we’ve included information about how to buy these promotional tickets.)

Here is the schedule of confirmed Pride Games so far (with Home Team listed first):


6/5: Washington Nationals vs Rays @ 7:05pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Not Listed
Note: All tickets purchased for Night OUT include a donation to Team DC.

6/8: Oakland As vs Royals @ 7:05 pm – Link!
Giveaway item: Not Listed

6/8: Toronto Blue Jays vs Orioles @ 7:07 pm – Link! 
Giveaway Item: Pride hat for first 20,000 fans (no special ticket required)

6/8: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Braves @ 7:10 pm – Link!
Giveaway item: Not Listed.

6/8: Tampa Bay Rays vs Mariners @ 7:10 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Pride Hat
Note: Deadline to purchase tickets is May 31 at 11:59 p.m.

6/9: Boston Red Sox vs Tigers @ 7:10 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Not Listed (Pregame party included)
Note: Ticket proceeds will benefit the Boston Pride Association.

6/16: Seattle Mariners vs Red Sox @ 5:15 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Wearable Pride Flag (Pregame event included)

6/21: San Francisco Giants vs Padres @ 7:15 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Expandable Pride Branded Backpack.
Note: Partial proceeds from each special event ticket will be donated to local non-profits in the LGBT community.

6/21: Milwaukee Brewers vs Cardinals @ 7:10 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Pride T-Shirt

6/22: Atlanta Braves vs Orioles @ 7:35 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Not Listed
Note: No other information is listed for this event so email/call the Braves ticket office for more information.

6/28: Philadelphia Phillies vs Nationals @ 7:05 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Not Listed
Note: The first 1,500 fans to purchase tickets through this promotion will receive a coupon for an exclusive Phillies Pride Night giveaway.

6/29: Arizona Diamondbacks vs SF Giants @ 6:40 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Pride Cap


7/8: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Phillies @ 1:35 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Pride Day Cap

7/9: Minnesota Twins vs Royals @ 7:10 pm –  Link!
Giveaway Item: Pride Night Hat


8/4: New York Mets vs Atlanta Braves @ 7:10 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Not Listed
Note: A portion of each ticket sold through this special offer will benefit the LGBT Network.

8/17: St. Louis Cardinals vs Brewers @ 7:15 pm – Link!
Giveaway Item: Pride Logo T-shirt
Note: A portion of each ticket sold will benefit Missouri Courage Scholarship.


9/1: San Diego Padres vs Rangers @ 7:10 pmLink!
Giveaway Item: Pride Hat
Note: $5 of every Pride Night ticket purchased will be donated to San Diego Pride, GSDBA and San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus.

All pictures of promotional items shown are copyright their respective teams and the MLB.

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If any other teams post a LGBTQ+ Pride Event, I’ll be sure to update this page!

Will you be attending an MLB Pride game this season? Drop us a comment and tell us which game you’ll be at! Happy Opening Weekend, everyone!!

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