DMac Goes to Wonder Con 2018!

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So last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Wonder Con in Anaheim, CA on Saturday! I went with my roommate and her friends so we had a fun group going.

A taste of the chaos within…

One of the people I went with was kind enough to lead me straight to the Prism Comics booth once we got inside the con! They had SO MANY queer comics and graphic novels! I  need to shout out the staff for being very kind and helpful. I really appreciated that because I’m very awkward and am still unsure about my place in the queer community.

They describe themselves as “the leading non-profit, all-volunteer organization supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, asexual and LGBTQIA-friendly comic books, comics professionals, readers and educators.”

Their website is a really great resource if you want to get more involved in the Queer Comic Community. Tons of volunteer information, new releases, press, and even a grant available for aspiring queer comic writers.


There were a few queer panels, but most of them were on Sunday (when I could not go) or early in the morning on Saturday (and I missed it). So the only panel I went to was the Science of Pacific Rim (classic DMac).

I was really looking forward to this panel, because they had real!scientists and it was  cool to see how real world science would have changed the movie . I’m in engineering and love science, so it was cool hearing scientists really break down the film, how realistic it was, and how current technology could have been used to change the film.

Here is the official summary:
Nerdist’s Kyle Hill (Because Science, MythBusters: The Search) breaks down everything from linking brains to kaiju caloric intakes with neuroscientist and science communicator Dr. Crystal Dilworth and honorary MythBuster and mad scientist Allen Pan, and cognitive scientist and wildlife reporter Jason G. Goldman.

About an hour in I was like “Oh I need pictures for the blog” so here are a few awesome cosplay pics for you! Also PLEASE share if you do queer cosplay! We’d love to see it!

When Cosplayers go that extra mile and add THE CAT.

Um yes to my favorite outer Senshi
(yes I have a favorite inner one too shh)

This was the first con in a while where I saw tons of random cosplay and it was SO AWESOME.

So pretty much my favorite part of any con is going to Artist Alley so I can buy weird gothy witch kawaii stuff and Sailor Moon art.

In general there tends to be more of a variety of art styles and themes here (and in small press), so you can find more stuff that’s relevant to your tastes if the (fairly masculine/straight) array of pop culture in the rest of con isn’t doing anything for you. They also have way more art and stories by WOC/POC and LGBT+ artists which is always a good thing in my book.

Here is the complete list of artists if you want to nose around.

Some art I just want to should out because it’s cool:

  • A cool ongoing comic about a black witch (here).
  • Cards for awkward people (here).
  • Witches and cats (here).
  • Awesome fantasy animal art (here)

Also if you happen to know who made this sticker please let me know. I searched the ENTIRE artist alley directory/googled all the things and couldn’t find the artist. I really wanted to link her page because she had all the queer pride colors in witchy art and it was GLORIOUS.

At any rate I had a lot of fun and got some cool art. Learned a bunch of stuff and… made no new friends. I am the April Ludgate of conventions.

Any convention-goers among our readers? Did you stop by WonderCon 2018, or have plans to attend an upcoming convention?

Let us know!

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(And if you’ll be at BEA/BookCon or San Diego Comic Con, drop us a note… we’d love to say hello!)

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