Release Day Review by Kristie: Tight Quarters (Out of Uniform #6), by Annabeth Albert

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Tight Quarters, by Annabeth Albert
Series: Out of Uniform, Book 6
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: July 9, 2018

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Petty Officer Bacon, a navy SEAL and ace sharpshooter, has been on the front lines of more than his fair share of dangerous ops. Yet when a minor injury relegates him to the beta team, he’s tasked with what may be his riskiest assignment yet: the silver fox journalist he’s babysitting is the hottest, most charismatic man he’s ever encountered.

Award-winning journalist Spencer Bryant may have been named one of Pride magazine’s most eligible bachelors of the year, but he’s not looking to change his relationship status. He’s a consummate professional who won’t risk his ethics or impeccable reputation by getting involved with a source. Even a sexy-as-hell military man. But while Spencer can resist his physical attraction to Bacon, he has less control over his emotions—especially when the mission goes sideways and the two men are trapped alone.

Getting out of the jungle alive turns out to be easy compared to facing the truth about their feelings for one another back in the real world. And whether or not they can build a future is a different story altogether.


M/M Pairing
Pansexual Character
Gay Character
Contemporary Romance
Military Romance

Content Warning for: PTSD and Suicide discussions

Trigger Warning: Both main characters have discussions about PTSD, and have had suicide impact their lives greatly. Their discussions are thoughtful and intense. 

Tight Quarters is another hit from Annabeth Albert. I enjoyed this one a lot and it largely had to do with how organic, or natural, the relationship between Bacon and Spencer progressed.

Bacon. Yea, that’s his name… or is it? Bacon is a Navy SEAL, a sniper on his Team, and working toward becoming a Chief. He’s ambitious, loves what he does, and is a great supporter of his brothers, even the ones who are really difficult to deal with. He identifies as pansexual, and only one person on his team knows. Bacon’s sexuality hasn’t been too much of an issue, mostly because he’s not been seeing anyone… and then he met Spencer.

Spencer is a journalist who’s been given the ultimate opportunity to embed with a SEAL team, through some training exercises, and a mission. He’s determined to stay professional, learn as much as he can so he can write a great story about the Teams. He’s sophisticated and so different than Bacon, yet they match up so well together.

Their relationship is what this story is all about. There is more to it, sure. And some of that other stuff really hit me in the feels, but the relationship building, the issues they had to deal with, and things they needed to get through and overcome, that’s where the story shined for me. From where they start out, Spencer going into a situation where he is not wanted, and Bacon having to be Spencer’s guide due to a small injury, it’s a frustrating situation for both men, but they find common ground time and time again. When things change, and the opportunity to see if the attraction they felt while Spencer was embedded could lead to something, the intensity builds and becomes so tense and wonderful.

I really enjoyed this a lot. Moments with side characters only enhance the story and relationship, making everything that Bacon and Spencer are going through so much more real and palpable. Choices have to be made by both men, and they are not easy decisions. Compromising seems impossible, so the struggle they go through to figure out a way to make things work had me falling in love.

I love a good book with an intense relationship building and a happy ending, and Tight Quarters hits the mark.


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I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

One thought on “Release Day Review by Kristie: Tight Quarters (Out of Uniform #6), by Annabeth Albert

  1. I enjoyed this too! I looooved the first 2/3rds and then wasn’t as crazy about the last 1/3rd.

    I thought the reasons for the dark moment / break-up felt manufactured. And then I felt the hea was rushed – they had so many genuine differences to work through that I would have believed an hfn more.


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