Blog Tour: Small Change, by Roan Parrish

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“I wanted Christopher. I wanted him in my corner when shit was rough. I wanted him in my bed, holding me. I wanted his sun to shine on me. I wanted to soak up his light like a moon, and glow with it.”

Welcome to the blog tour for Small Change, the latest book in Roan Parrish’s In the Middle of Somewhere series. This M/F romance follows bisexual tattoo artist Ginger as she struggles to balance her shop, her art, and romance. Ginger has been a fan favorite since she first appeared in the series, so we’re thrilled to see that she has her own book!

Today we have an exclusive excerpt to share, so keep reading and check it out!

Small Change, by Roan Parrish
Series: Small Change (Book 1); In the Middle of Somewhere (Book 4)
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 1, 2017

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Book Spotlight: All in Fear, a queer horror anthology

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The nights are getting longer and longer, and what better way to pass the darkest time of the year than with a terrifying anthology of queer horror, featuring stories by some of the most talented authors I know?


Horror has never looked this enticing. New release, All in Fear, is a gorgeous collection of horror tales from some of the hottest names in queer fiction. Be prepared to be titillated…and terrified.

Today I’m thrilled (and also petrified!) to tell you all about this creepy, eerie, haunting anthology! Not only that, but author Roan Parrish joins us to talk about the blend of romance and horror (spoiler alert: it involves Tom Hiddleston).

So turn on all the lights in the house, lock your doors, and ignore that strange creaking sound coming from the empty room next door…

All in Fear

Authors: KJ Charles, Roan Parrish, J.A. Rock,
Steve Berman, Avon Gale, and Kris Ripper
Publisher: Open Ink Press
Release Date: December 1, 2016

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