Spotlight on “The Queer and The Restless” by Kris Ripper

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Kris Ripper has a new book series out called Queers of La Vista, and you absolutely need to be reading it. This soap opera-inspired series set in the fictional small town of La Vista, CA is home to a diverse and engaging cast of characters… and a murderer who is preying on the La Vista queer community.

Zir newest book is The Queer and the Restless (which follows after Gays of Our Lives and The Butch and the Beautiful… and if you don’t think those titles are the most brilliant thing ever… well, clearly we need to have a talk). Mel calls it “fabulous” and “[her] favourite so far” in the QOLV series (check out her five-star review here)! Each book can be read as a stand-alone.

Kris joins us on the blog today to talk about writing a transgender character like Ed, and how ze chose to write a trans character instead of a trans experience

So come meet Ed, a news reporter who dreams of writing the headline articles, and Alisha, an energetic woman with dreams as big as the sky. Fall in love with them just like we did. And see what Kris has to say (and not say!) about writing trans characters.

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