Review: A Question of Counsel, by Archer Kay Leah (Rating: 3.5/5)

A Question of Counsel, by Archer Kay Leah (Part of The Republic series)
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (May 27, 2015)
Word Count: 48,000 words

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

From the summary alone, this novel checked all of the right boxes for me: a strong female main character in a position of power; struggles between responsibility and desire; incredibly hot sex between two incredibly hot ladies; and a fantastic, supportive best friend who isn’t afraid to tell the main character the truth.

Aeley Dahe has been elected Steward after her father passes away, but she’s not content with the role. People expect her to be just like her father, and the shame brought on her family after her brother’s unforgivable actions means she has to work twice as hard to keep everyone satisfied.

But from the moment she lays eyes on Lira, a scribe hired to assist her legal advisor, she starts to see a light in the darkness. Lira helps to banish the nightmares, and her forthright way of speaking is a breath of fresh air to Aeley, who’s used to people watching what they say around her.

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