DMac Interviews Briana Lawrence, author of “I Am Magical”!

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MagnifiqueNOIR: I am Magical by Briana Lawrence is a black, queer, magical girl adventure that readers can’t stop raving about! Bree Danvers is a plus-size heroine ready to save her city from monsters along with her team, in this gorgeous novel perfect for fans of Sailor Moon.

After reading I am Magical (review here!) I decided to reach out to her on twitter! She was gracious enough to answer my questions and talk about her book, as well as what it’s like to be a black, geeky woman.

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Interview with TJ Klune and Blake Dorner, author and artist of Crisped + Sere!

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When Withered + Sere came out, I was blown away by TJ Klune’s foray into the world of gritty post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Now the sequel, Crisped + Sere, is about to be released, and I have TJ and author Blake Dorner on the blog today to talk about how working on this book differed from W+S, what kind of apocalyptic fiction they love, and what’s next for Cavalo and Lucas!

I’m also thrilled to be debuting one of Blake’s gorgeous illustrations from the novel (my personal favorite!), so you definitely want to check that out.

Haven’t read W+S yet? Check out my five-star review, and my interview with TJ and Blake to talk about Book 1!

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