Advanced Book Review: Rag and Bone, by KJ Charles


Rag and Bone, by K.J. Charles
Series: Charm of Magpies ‘verse
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: March 1, 2016

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This review contains spoilers for A Queer Trade, and I recommend reading that story before reading this one.

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Book Review: Maelstrom, by Jordan L. Hawk (Whyborne & Griffin #7)

hawk-maelstrom-whyborne-griffinMaelstrom, by Jordan L. Hawk
Series: Whyborne & Griffin, Book 7

Rating: 5 out of 5

Pre-Order Links: / ARe / Smashwords

I received an advanced copy of this novel from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Between his father’s sudden—and rather suspicious—generosity, and his own rash promise to help Christine plan her wedding, Percival Endicott Whyborne has quite enough to worry about. But when the donation of a mysterious codex to the Ladysmith Museum draws the attention of a murderous cult, Whyborne finds himself in a race against time to unlock its secrets first.

Griffin has a case of his own: the disappearance of an historic map, which quickly escalates to murder. Someone is sacrificing men in dark rituals—and all the clues lead back to the museum.

With their friends Christine and Iskander, Whyborne and Griffin must discover the cult’s true goal before it’s too late. For dark forces are afoot at the very heart of the museum, and they want more than Whyborne’s codex.

They want his life.

This review contains some minor spoilers for Books 1-6 of the W&G series. This book probably shouldn’t be read as a stand-alone… but you should absolutely go pick up Widdershins (Book 1) right now, because it’s ridiculously brilliant! / ARe / Smashwords / B&N

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Blog Tour: “On the Run” by Michael Mandrake (Excerpt, Interview, and Giveaway!)

ontherun_pride_800 On the Run, by Michael Mandrake
Publisher: Pride Publishing (October 6, 2015)
Word Count: approx. 50,000 words
Genre: Action/Crime Thriller; Gay (M/M) Romance

Reader Advisory: This book contains the use of racial slurs.

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Welcome to the blog tour for Michael Mandrake’s new release, On the Run! This is the first in the PROTEKT series, which features a top-secret organization that works apart from governments to help those in need. I’m excited to host Michael’s tour here on Just Love today, because On the Run has an action-packed plot and multicultural characters!

Keep reading for an excerpt from the book, Michael’s thoughts on writing gay men of color, and your chance to win a Pride Publishing ebook of your choice!


Who would’ve thought that a British hitman would fall in lust at first sight with an American felon? It could become deadly for both.

Aiden Moriarty is a Florida ‘herbalist’ who works with a performance-enhancing drug used by many athletes. One of them is baseball star Ivan Salerno, who was caught using the drug and is now on the brink of getting suspended. Because of Ivan’s connections with a rogue mob boss, Aiden is taken into a witness-protection program, working along with baseball higher-ups until he testifies.

The mob boss, Augustine Ora, has hired former British military officer and his best hitman Devlin ‘Brit’ Crawford to do the job. Ora has instructed Devlin to go to Miami, kidnap Aiden and take him to the local airport to be transported to Havana, Cuba, to be executed by Ora’s top officers.

However, when Devlin receives the email, the pictures of the blue-eyed felon catch his eye and he is moved to go in a different direction. Instead of delivering Aiden to the airport, he has thoughts of taking him away and saving him from Ora’s wrath.

This move puts himself and Aiden, as well as his assistant, Miranda Ashley, in huge danger. Will Devlin keep Aiden safe despite the odds, or will he fail, causing Ora and his men to come after him?


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Waiting on Wednesday: Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo


This weekly meme is hosted by Breaking the Spine.

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that spotlights an upcoming release that you’re eagerly waiting for. The book that I’m talking about this week is one that I’ve seen on several “can’t wait to read” lists:


Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo
Release Date: September 29, 2015

I’m actually cheating a bit on this one because I have, obviously, already started on this book. But I have to read it slowly, because it’s a physical copy and it’s autographed, which means I can’t take it to the mess hall or work or anywhere that I would normally read, for fear of damaging it!

Have you read Leigh’s Grisha Trilogy? If not, you should probably stop everything and pick up a copy of Shadow and Bone. It’s magic and romance and just stunning, and I would without hesitation say that it’s probably one of the best YA fantasy series ever.

So, Six of Crows. It’s set in the same universe as the Grisha books, but is a total stand-alone. And while I’m only halfway through it right now, I can already tell it’s going to be amazing!

Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price–and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Kaz’s crew is the only thing that might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first.

Why am I looking forward to this book? Or, better question, why should you also be excited about Six of Crows? It’s a heist novel, like Oceans Eleven but with teenagers and magic. As we’ve seen in her other books, Leigh does a great job of writing convincing and unique characters, and she has a knack for coming up with great dialogue. Plus, the early reviews are overwhelmingly positive:

Her characters are damaged, complex, and relatable, and her worldbuilding is ambitiously detailed. As various characters’ backstories unfold, Bardugo reveals intriguing new depths and surprises.  — Publishers Weekly

Cracking page-turner with a multiethnic band of misfits with differing sexual orientations who satisfyingly, believably jell into a family. — Kirkus

And in case you need another reason, the publicity art is gorgeous. I mean, look at Kaz (the Danny Ocean of our crew of thieves):


I think this is going to be an excellent start to a fantastic new series, and I’m really excited for the release of this book so new readers can explore Leigh’s fantasy world and her delightful, complex, and unique group of outcasts!

Link to the Author’s Website

Pre-order the book: Publisher / Amazon (US) / IndieBound / Book Depository

Note: If you pre-order the book and submit a copy of the receipt through the author’s website, they’ll send you some awesome free swag!

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