Review: Not My Boyfriend, by Monica Anderson (Rating: 3/5)

anderson-not-my-boyfriendNot My Boyfriend, by Monica Anderson
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (September 8, 2015)
Page Count: 155 pages
Genre: Gay (M/M) Romance

Rating: 3 out of 5

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* I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. *

This novel was a fun, sassy, and sexy read about two guys trying to come to terms with the overwhelming physical attraction between them. Max is a librarian who dreams of finding ‘the one’ and settling into a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, Karson isn’t that guy… or so he claims. When they meet at a bar one night, Karson is upfront about what he wants: a one-night stand, just sex with nothing more.

He didn’t have any excuses. What he had were feelings for Karson. (Kindle Loc. 1132)

I really loved the conflicting emotions between both men. Neither can deny the sexual attraction between them, but Karson refuses to let it become anything more. After being badly hurt by his last boyfriend, Karson is adamant that he’ll never fall in love again. In order to keep what little of Karson he can get, Max agrees to Karson’s terms and tucks his feelings away. But it’s obviously hurting Max that Karson won’t accept what’s right in front of him.

In theory, it’s a great concept. In reality, it doesn’t quite add up. There were two issues that I had here. The first was Karson’s scarring from his previous relationship. He caught his boyfriend cheating, and it completely shatters him, turning him off to any future relationships. It seems unrealistic– or at least is badly explained to the reader– because I just couldn’t see this one incident as being so significant to Karson’s psyche.

The other issue I had was the entire “fake boyfriend” plot. It’s cliche, and had no real benefit to the plot other than to make Max hurt even more. Karson is shown as a strong character, but the second his ex, Andrew, enters his life, he completely breaks down. Begging Max to be his date seems like a good idea, I guess, but actually doesn’t stop Andrew from trying to get back together.

This was an enjoyable novel for the most part, but those two plot issues turned this from a ‘great’ novel to just a ‘good’ one. Thankfully the relationship between Karson and Max was really intriguing, and the sex was fantastically well written!

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