Military Short Stories, Week 1: “Possibilities” by T.A. Chase & “Lonely Hearts and Yellow Ribbons” by Stephani Hecht


This is Part One of Three featuring military short stories, originally published in the Aim High anthology and now being published on their own. I’ll be posting two novella reviews each week.

With Veterans Day approaching on November 11, I want to highlight the service men and women around the world who put their lives on the line in the name of freedom. And even soldiers deserve love, right?

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chase-possibilitiesPossibilities, by T.A. Chase
Buy Link: Pride Publishing (Nov. 3, 2015)
Rating: ★★★½

When Dixon and Carson meet during a hurricane, neither imagined that moment would be the beginning of a new relationship.

While a lot of the smaller details really bothered me, overall this was a sweet story about two men connecting in unlikely circumstances.

What I liked about this story was that it was the start of something new for both men. It was incredibly sweet; Carson (aka “Camaro”) has been crushing on Dixon for ages, but finally gets to talk to him when helping him out during a storm. And while we don’t see their full relationship develop, I love this first glimpse at their romance… the possibility of something more.

I do think the author needed to do more research on certain things (like why would Camaro have several spare alternators for an Oldsmobile lying around in his house?) or leave off specific details. Distracted from the overall plot.


hecht-lonely-hearts-yellow-ribbonsLonely Hearts and Yellow Ribbons, by Stephani Hecht
Buy Link: Pride Publishing (Nov. 3, 2015)
Rating: ★★★★

Being apart from the one you love is the hardest thing to do, until you get them back to find they’ve changed…

I feel like this had the potential to be a full-length novel, and I absolutely fell in love with Ross and Aden in this short story! Ross is a para-jumper in the Middle East, and is looking forward to returning home to his long-time boyfriend, Aden. And Aden is left alone, waiting and hoping for a safe return. It’s bittersweet, but also really lovely.

There was a lot of plot crammed into a very short space, so at times the plot really felt rushed. I would have liked to see more about Ross and his adjustment to life back in the US, and his and Aden’s relationship. But the scenes while Ross is deployed were excellent and action-packed, and I think really gave a great sense of what it’s like to serve overseas!

Next Week: I’ll be featuring reviews of Venetian Skies by Morticia Knight (Preorder), and Search and Rescue by Jenna Byrnes (Preorder).


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